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loctite on caliper bolts?

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put on front pads and rotors over the weekend. went on test drive and heard noise. apparently when i was distracted by phone call, i didnt tighten up the caliper bolts on one side. one bolt was missing and other one was starting to loosen

i checked all bolts on both sides and tightened again to be sure.

however after taking it on my long drive to work i now hear something loose. its only moderate and not as loud as when i lost a bolt. but when i go back under there if the bolts are loose, should i use loctite?

never used loctite on SS and never had issues. also changed out the rotors 50K ago and never had issues. of course until i get under there i dont truly know if this is even the issue. i used the new clips. perhaps i didnt put them on quite right. ugh. i just know the noise shouldnt be there.
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From my experience being a former Master certified AUTO/DIESEL tech, I would clean the threads on the caliper mounting bracket bolts and caliper bolts. Id add blue loctite and torque each bolt to spec. Never an issue at all.
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