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It's funny - we were having a conversation about rotor "warping" in another thread and some people say that the problem is caused by not braking hard enough and other people say that braking too hard is the cause. :)

Personally, I've always had issues with rotors "warping" (yes, I know that they don't *really* warp) - regardless of the rotors or pads I've used. My personal opinion is that the front rotors on the GM w-bodies are just too small and not up to the task (long-term). That and the fact that most rotors nowadays are crap that is made in China...

I also wonder how much living in cold climates plays a part. I wonder if the rotors getting hot during things like highway exit ramp braking and the cold outside air temperatures cause issues over the long term? No idea if that is really a problem or not, but you'd think the sudden, drastic hold<->cold transitions would be bad.

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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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