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Well I hear there is a lot of people with issues with Brakes. I myself have stock brakes and have them done when the pads go bad. However I don't drive like everyone these days. I am not 100% why others have issues more then others... I would tend to think that it goes as to what your friends are saying do to the way someone uses their brakes! I tend to drive in a way that I am planing out my drive as I go. My mind is always playing in factors of when I should brake, when I should get over to a different lane. I don't do things without a plan. It could be that all my driving is mostly done on Flat ground and don't have to hold my brake as long as others... Also could be that because I don't wait to brake at the last minute. I also don't ride my brakes. There are many many different factors that could go into why someone has brake issues while another person don't...

I wouldn't want to say that you are hard on your brakes, Without living in your same area and doing the same driving that you do with the same car. (Same type of car, same Brakes, same tires etc) It is easy for someone in a car that don't weigh as much as the Impala or drive the same roads that you do to say your hard on your brakes... Maybe your roads are hard on your brakes lol...

I could be way wrong, But I think that if there was a heat issue with brakes it is because there is someone that has hard braking conditions. Driving fast until the last moment of slamming on the brakes to stop at a Light or sign. Driving Highway speeds and having to brake hard do to changing traffic conditions.... Sadly it is hard to say... If your warping your rotors every few months or having issues with aftermarket hardware. I would tend to think it is the hardware not the driver. But OEM hardware that over normal driving having issues could be driver... It is hard to say...

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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