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LFX Spark plugs, who's done it??

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I was looking at the back ones and I hope that the intake doesn't need to come off to replace them....

What have you guys seen out there? The fronts are so easy and accessible they could be done by a kid!
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To get to the back plugs your going to have to remove the intake or at least loosen the bolts, cylinder #1 doesn't need the intake removed as you can sneak the coil out but cylinders #3 and #5 coils will hit the intake and won't come out :(

Removing the intake honestly isn't that hard at all, it's 8 bolts and you also have to remove the bolts from the power steering reservoir too. Other then that it's just the vacuum hoses. It would be best to pick up new intake gaskets from the dealer too along with the torque specs as there's a pattern to follow rebolting the intake together, the gaskets are cheap too.

You'll get to see how clean your intake valves are too doing this, good luck.
Chrislind2, kd7ctv and tehhax- I hope you all know the original poster was asking about the LFX or the 3.6L DOHC found in all 2012+ impala, not the 3.5L and 3.9L. The push rod engines are simple to do a tune up on. You don't even need the W-body ratchet either though it does make life easier lol

The LFX is a little different though, the plastic intake is molded to cover over the rear bank and makes it impossible for you to clear out the cylinder #3 and #5 coil packs, you can snake out cylinder #1 coil pack though.

I guess the laugh is on you Chislind2 for not being able to read the post correctly, I do this for a living/work at a professional shop.
chrislind2- it's all good, no hard feelings lol

I miss 3.5/3.9 platform, for the most part pretty much everything on that motor is easy to get too and replace. The newer LFX engine is a tall/wide motor and it makes things more challenging to get too, when you change out the spark plugs your going to want to order the gasket set #126459 and that will come with the gasket for the spacer/intake gaskets/throttle body gasket. I paid $19.02 but that was with my discount, list price is $21.13.
There's not room though, I already went though this with my 2012 Impala 4 months ago...

There's no way to pull out the coils without removing the intake, you can get the cylinder #1 coil out but you won't be able to snake out cylinder coils #3 and #5. The coils are long and go deep into the cylinder head, you have to pull them straight up to even be able to wiggle them out and that's why the intake must come off.

You also have to be mindful that the coils have a spring that reaches the spark plug and the last thing you want to risk is damaging the spring, it's much less of a headache to just remove the intake. It's 8 bolts right up top and and if I recall 3 quick connect hoses, it won't kill you lol
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