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LFX Spark plugs, who's done it??

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I was looking at the back ones and I hope that the intake doesn't need to come off to replace them....

What have you guys seen out there? The fronts are so easy and accessible they could be done by a kid!
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I bought the plugs, I am going to buy a new set of wires before I put in the plugs. I also bought a really long spark plug socket that has a magnet in it. It is supposed to be good for getting the plugs in the back of an Impala 3.5. Or at least I hope so! The videos I watched look like it's not too terrible to get to those back plugs. I may give it a try in a month or so. Only have 63,000 on the car.
Thanks a good one!

Watched many videos and there are some different methods of getting to the rear plugs, but anyone who tears the engine apart to get to the rear plugs is either joking or making a joke or doesn't know what he is doing. :giggle:
Sorry fatrabbit

I was assuming things and that gets people in trouble. It's amazing how different the years and models can be. Being an old timer we used to work on cars that mainly only varied between manufacturers and an individual company rarely made changes that amounted to much unless they came out with a new model. I apologize for insinuating you did not know what you were talking about.
1 - 3 of 44 Posts
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