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LFX Spark plugs, who's done it??

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I was looking at the back ones and I hope that the intake doesn't need to come off to replace them....

What have you guys seen out there? The fronts are so easy and accessible they could be done by a kid!
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Thanks for the replies gents.

The 3.5L and 3.9L w/ 4spd are complete and utter jokes compared to the LFX and 6spd me, I've had all three (2006, 2009, 2013). With E85, a K&N intake, Vmaxx spiral TB, and Magnaflow CB, my 0-60 is < 6 secs. A bigger joke than those two? The 3.4L turd in my old 2004.

Back to the plugs, taking the intake off won't be a problem, but finding torque sequence will cost me because you have to get a service manual. Haynes and all those guys only go up to 2011. I wouldn't mind taking it off, I actually want to so I can see what is going on there. I assume this is an air only intake and doesn't have liquid ports..

And thanks for the pictures, because that is what I was seeing with my eye. If you never have changed plugs on a DOHC engine, you would understand like fatrabbit said. They go very deep into the head.
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1 - 2 of 44 Posts
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