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LED installation

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I drive a 2015 impala 2LT, I want to install LED turn signals/running lights both in the front and back. I believe they are all CK type sockets for the 7443 bulb. The LED lights (switchback) for the front works fine in the car without the resistor circuit. However, when the resistor circuit is put in only the yellow portion works when the signal is activated (no running lights). The same for the rear only the brights work when the brake pedal is pressed no running lights. Once again they work fine without the resistor circuit. When I refer to the resistor circuit I am talking about the plug and play circuits you can find off eBay etc... (not the resistors you cut into the wire). I would prefer not to cut into the wiring harness of the car. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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I would suggest trying to pull out the bulb, rotate it, and put it back in. I have found that this addresses the issue as apparently they are specific on which/where the contacts meet the socket as there is some sort of polarity. Also, check out if you are looking for a car specific LED blinker module. I have dealt with them for 10+ years and they make a great product. ALL of their bulbs have lifetime warranties and their site is extremely helpful. Hope this helps!
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