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Hey guys. New-ish to the forum here. I've got an 05 Impala SS with a NA 3.8 with about 300k miles I bought from a friend not long ago. I also recently came upon a 01 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP with the L67 supercharged 3.8 with the 4T65E-HD for a good deal. The pontiac didn't come with a title, so I bought it solely to pull the drivetrain out for the Impala.

Now i'm not afraid of the mechanical aspects of this as i've replaced A 3.8L in the girlfriend's 2002 impala that threw a rod. The thing that worries me is if the PCM and engine harness will work on the 05 Impala. I noticed the fuse boxes while in the same place on both cars are physically different, so I feel like the 01's fuse block plug may have to be re-pinned to accept the 05's fuse box connector.

Would I have to re-pin the fuse box pigtail of the donor harness to be able to plug it in to the impala's fuse box and body harness, or might it just be easier to add the supercharger-specific pigtails to the existing engine harness in the impala and tune it's NA PCM to make it work with the L67? I already have an HP tuner so it wouldn't be too far out of my way.

This is going to be a decent short to medium term project. I plan on replacing all of the gaskets, oil pump, etc. and possibly do a cam swap among the typical SC upgrades. Also going to grab some of those zzp headers and a downpipe as well as replacing the brake lines with a stainless set because living in the rust belt sucks. I'll probably have the trans rebuilt and get a shift kit for it as well. I already have a nice limited edition gauge cluster with boost gauge to go in and one of those fancy plug and play (with vin relearn) Escalade/denali/envoy touch screen nav radio installed. I'm pretty stoked about this project.

If you made it this far, thank you for reading and any input is appreciated.
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