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I have a 2003 impala ls 3.8 and have gotten my hands on a l32 gen v m90 supercharger. also have the gen v throttle body adapter, aside from the harmonic balancer and heads (sc) which parts do I need for a perfect top swap, my goal is to keep the engine as quiet and cold as possible while adding HP. for my trans I have the pioneer trans master kit

Also would you please provide the remaining parts needed, ive done tons of research but it is usually l36 to l67 swap.

I also have (aside from blower, tb adapter, belt tensioner):
supercharger bypass filter (21913)
fuel injector (mp10661) was told to get Marlboro 455,450 from mechanic
supercharger coupling (917022)
intake plenum gasket (ms96789)
intake manifold gasket (ms959771)
cylinder head gaskets (9089PT)
fuel injector seal / o ring (es70599)
idler pulley (38009)
belt drive component kit (tensioner , belt) (90k38271)
fuel filter (f65717)
supercharger bypass solenoid / valve (u44001)

ive done research and seems I need
ACDELCO 12593195
AACDELCO 10469468
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