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I lost my extra key to my 2009 chevy impala. I purchased a blank on ebay and had it cut. The key will unlock the door but will not switch on the ignition. It will go into the switch but will not turn. Every thing that I have looked said turn on the ignition after programing.
If you need more info to help me solve this please let me know.
This is what I have tried:
1. Insert an existing programmed working key into the ignition cylinder.
2. Turn ignition to the ON position for 5 seconds, then back to OFF position.
3. Remove the existing key and within 5 seconds insert new key and turn
it to the ON position for 5 seconds.
4. Turn key OFF then back to ON. The key is now programmed.
Start vehicle to test key.
Notice item 3 says turn the ignition on with the new key....that is where I am having a problem. All instructions I have seen has this step.
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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