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K&N Intake & Deer Flag Racing Emblems

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Im looking for a K&N Intake System for a 94 Impala SS ? Also a set of Deer Flag Racing Emblems let me know what you got. Thanks guys.
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Anybody ?
I remember when these parts became available

NAISSO Super Store
Was a popular place in the 90ties to buy the old school 1961 Impala SS Cross Flags for Club members 94-95-96 Impala SS.

My Friends 96 Impala SS with a brand new K&N intake system.
At New York's Lebanon Valley dragway in 1999.

Are these parts you are looking for not available from Vendors in 2009?

I have owned my Impala SS the last 14 years.

Heading to LVD Dragway on I-90 in Eastern NY with the UNYISSO Gang.

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Thats correct. Thanks for the post Angel.
Anybody ?
Got the Intake just need those emblems.
let us know if/where u find them peeace:biggrin:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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