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Just bought these, think they will fit?

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2015 Impala Limited LT, has the 17s on originally, but I'm wanting to upgrade to 18s.

Just bought some GWG Wheels,

E/T/Offset: 40
Bolt pattern is the 5x115.

Think they will fit? Mostly worried about the width and the offset.

4 GWG Wheels 18 inch Black Machined ZERO Rims fits 5X115 ET40 CADILLAC STS | eBay
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You'll be OK with offset, bolt pattern and width, but might have issues with the tires rubbing the strut plate in the rear depending on what size tires you get. It's strange - some non-LTZ's have issues with 18's and some don't - I don't think we ever really figured out why. But if you need to buy new tires, then you can plan for this with the tire height - just make sure that the overall size (wheel + tire) is the same height as your current wheel+tire height and you should be fine (there are "calculators" on-line to determine this stuff).

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I had similar spec wheels on my LT I had. They fit but the back tire was close to rubbing the strut. Never had any rubbing issues. If you encounter a issue with rubbing you could try using a spacer.

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I have been eyeballing those GWGs in 20"... Our stock wheels have a 48mm offset so with those being a +40 this will help with potential clearance issues. I would say to put a 245/45-18 size tire over the stock size 235/50-18 to make full use of the wheel and the upgrade. If you need more room a 5mm spacer will push you out to +35 and should be right there at the fender lips. Definitely don't want to go beyond that.

Edit - Make sure you buy the install kit with the hub rings. You will need the rings to prevent vibrations. I believe the hub measurement on our cars are 70.3 and those wheels are slightly bigger. The rings will make up that difference and keep the wheel "centered" to the hub.
I believe the hub measurement is something like that. I bought hub rings a few months ago. If you want a reference the rims I bought for my SS are a 19x8.5 +35

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