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Problems are

Transmissions are made out of glass
Blend door actuators
Door lock actuators
Rear defroster burning up
Remote fob receiver only working from 10ft away
Intermediate steering shaft
Rack and pinion
That's just some of the common problems

Personal opinion, the glare in any Oem halogen housing is pretty bad and hids shouldn't be in them.

Never flush the trans just drop the pan and change the filter and fill it back up every 30k miles

Aftermarket trans cooler from a police car (which you prolly have since you have a police car) will prolong the life of the trans.

That's most of them but I'm sure I'm forgetting a couple things.

Like said above all emblems are stuck on no holes
Chrome strip is just held in with clips it's just chrome plastic
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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