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Joining in from AZ

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[Hello, all!

Old ratchet head here with a new - well new to me - 2016 Impala Limited LTZ that I recently picked up to replace a 20-year-old daily driver that had been getting into my wallet pretty deeply over the past couple years and had left me standing by the side of the road one too many times.

This is the first Chevy - but not the only GM product - that I've owned since my '82 X11 Citation. The Impala Limited has been, by far, my very favorite rental car for some time, so when I found myself in need of a new DD, I already knew what I wanted. It wasn't the only make/model I drove before buying, but everything else I drove just reinforced my preference for this particular model. I bought this one with 22K on the clock about two months ago and have put a thousand more on it since then. So far so good. Love the car, and think it's the perfect commuter, at least for my taste.

I've already done some reading in the Gen 8 Performance and Technical threads, and I'll be doing a lot more to help get a bead on common problems and fixes related to these cars, such as the evap purge valve. Speaking of Gen 8, can anyone tell me why it is referred to as the Gen 9 elsewhere, with the new body style being called the Gen 10?

Anyway, I hope to learn a lot and contribute what I can, when I can.



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Welcome to the forum Tesla! (Awesome name btw) :)
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