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Hello Chevy owners *
Have recently bought 2008 Impala LS.
Has the ignition key stuck issue.
Removed console n found purple wire out of clip.. So stuck another wire in n spliced to existing. . N yes , key comes out.
Question is -
Looking for a good Chevrolet part #
For replacement clip with wire leads attached. I saw one before but are unable to anymore.
Would greatly appreciate part # help ***
Thank you *
N yes , I'm cleaning that mess up.
Glad that wire came out. What a mess *
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It's called the Shift Lock Solenoid Actuator Plug.

The service pigtail with six mono color wires a few inches long terminated with the correct un-sealed Metripak 150 plug is GM 12125665. You can have one for a mere 30 bucks roughly.

If you have the crimp tooling;
-The Metripak 150 raw plug is Delphi 12064762 Mouser has em for less than a buck but $7-$15 shipping will be a reality check. Even with shipping it's still cheaper than a pigtail.
-The Raw Terminals are Delphi 12047767 Mouser sells em for $0.33 each or $6.50 ($0.26 each) for a 25 pak. I always have a handful in the Metripak bins in my wiring toolbox.
-Delphi 12094429 is the Metripak 150 terminal retainer release pick.

Your easiest option would be to liberate an Impala console shift lock solenoid plug with 6" of wire from your local Pick N Pull for just a couple bucks.
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Hello Hatzie
Thank you , that's some very good info there.
Will do new clip version there.
Looks like I'll do pigtail version.
Found online after I posted above.
20$ shipping included.
I just learned about this issue..
New old Chevy owner again.
I do like the car though. For what it is , is a good riding car* Nice to just even get key out..
Car only came with one key , had been stuck for a week. Had to keep unplugging battery n use Club lock on steering wheel . That was my after market security system....
* So , all sounds great , thanks abundant *
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