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My 09 ltz is RIP!!!!
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Did that get totaled out by insurance? Almost just looks like its a fender and a tire/wheel. Maybe some suspension parts. Front bumper could probably be saved. Maybe there is more hidden damage. If not, I'd be looking at buying that back potentially.
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The fender front bumper headlight tire rim ball joint halfshaft and under the passenger side floor board is messed up. That's just what I can see they haven't yet but I figure they will!!
Ah, yeah if the damage got that far back to the passenger floor board I doubt it will be saved. Didn't think it looked that rough. Bummer for sure.
I loved that car! Had the 3.9 in it was quick as hell too!!! I'll keep updates on the car if it's gone or not lol.
Is the RH floor actually wrinkled?

It looks like the damage took out the RH fender, RH suspension, & probably RH headlamp & the engine cradle front subframe at most. The bumper looks like it needs a re-spray. The hood isn't even popped up at the RH rear.
It looks like it to me it dont look right! I've done alot of work on that car and it just don't look right looks kinda pushed down. You know like when you fold something big and the middle kinda blows out a lil bit.
If the floor has moved the door gaps will be off and they may be hard to open and close.

What area of the country are you in?
Well it's official its a total loss!!! I loved that car!!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts