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Depending on where you are. It may be that you might want to have a shop Rebuild yours. With the SS it is the HD Trans and as cheap as you may be able to get the normal Transmission for, I am not sure I would want to try the standard if it was me... Sadly there are couple SS 04 or 05 in 500 miles of my area. By the time you get there they are Picked clean of Motor and Trans. It is almost like people just chill out side looking for them to show up lol... I went in 2 days after this last one came in. Thinking I could get the tail lights from it. It was clean. Nothing worth left. Maybe put a Parts request out there if you are in an area where they have Part Pullers. I have them listed on an AP on my phone and still miss parts I want lol...

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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