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Is it true that a Chrysler 300 or a Dodge Charger have the same bolt pattern...

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G a 1965 Impala?
wheel lugs
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no chryslers bolt patterns and gm's are different
What bolt pattern? Wheel lugs... head bolts... intake? there are alot of bolt patterns on a car.
wheels on the new 300 are a 5x115 bolt pattern w/ an offset >30mm (cant remember the exact number, may even be a - offset) 5x114.3 will work, but MAY shear wheel studs w/o a hubcentric ring

as for the old school Imp,

IIRC they are 5x4.75 (120.7)

the camaro has a 5x4.75 bp, not sure on offset on either car off the top of my head though.

hope that helps
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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