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My name's Joe, I'm from Illinois. I have a 2012 Impala LT. Currently it has a K&N CAI, straight piped stainless cat-back, Trifecta download tune, Canuck Motorsports lowering springs, drilled and slotted rotors and carbon metallic pads all around, Voxx Monza 17X7 wheels, all LED/HID lighting, and black bezel headlights. My current goal is to run low 13's which I've seen multiple times with the LFX. However, it seems more and more aftermarket suppliers are dropping support for the impala and most of the parts used to run those times are no longer available. I contacted JacFab and they said they need an order or at least 8 pieces to make another round of plenum spacers. I'm willing and ready to buy one so if 7 more are also than let me know so I can get the order going. Otherwise I look forward to future discussions and learning/sharing success, trials and errors.
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Welcome! :beer: PICS or it didnt happen!!:D
GORgeous!! LOVE it! Same year as mine.....LOVE the wheels!!!!! :eek:k3:


I'd LOVE to do alla that to mine...but $ is too tight...

Love the raised white letters!!
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