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I've had my Impala LT (2006, V6 engine, automatic) for the past couple years and since July/August of this year, I've been having intermittent issues getting the vehicle to accelerate around the 40-45 mph mark. Once I'm below it, fine -- once I'm above it, also fine -- but I struggle to keep it moving forward if I let it hit that mph range or need to stay there because...traffic laws...

For example, one stretch of flat ground I drive typically switches from a 45mph to 55mph limit, and it will drift slower even with maintained pressure on the accelerator. Have to get it around 2700-3000rpms before it will accelerate (and sometimes it jolts or clunks slightly). Only seems to do this after it's been driven for about 10 mins, and it's not every time I accelerate, although it's getting more common. One time I attempted to accelerate from a stop and it didn't move at all for a few seconds, then bucked forward and was fine the rest of the drive (plus back home) -- that hasn't happened before or since.

More recently I've also been noticing a high pitched cyclical hum/whine mostly when my front windows are down/radio is quiet. Mileage is at 79k, I'm the second owner, and it doesn't get driven very far distances. Not throwing any codes, CEL is not on.

My question is -- would this be a transmission problem or something else? I can't get the thing to replicate this problem when someone's looking at it. Is there anything else that might be causing this kind of behavior? And if it is the tranny, any spitball estimates on how long this thing will last before it's no longer safe to drive? Any thoughts would be appreciated... sorry for the lengthy post. Thanks!
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