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Post # 3 does nothing for me, I have to fix this myself... Allow me to re-phrase my question:

I got my intermediate Steering Shaft replaced by the dealer. When I got the car back the steering wheel was off center by about 8 degrees. How is this possible? Doesn't the shaft bolt into one position only?

Is it possible they pulled the shaft apart and got it back together with the splines off by 1 or 2? Is it even a splined shaft, or possibly square?

I read the instructions somebody posted for replacing the shaft, and I don't see how it could be clocked wrong...

Your thoughts?
keep at the dealer to make it right. if they won't talk to the GM of the dealer ship, if that goes no where call the gm 1800 number and tell them whats going on. the screwed it they fix it customer is right! i wish i could go with you to the dealer i just love getting them to fix there screw up.
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