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Sometimes it can be a pain in the backside to help troubleshoot a problem like this... However if you think there is a issue with the wiring on why your car died. I would do some testing on your car...

Please note this info will be for testing and testing only, Please understand that anything that I say should be disconnected for this testing should be connected back under normal use of the car. Anything asked to do without safety precautions in place are done so at your own risk...

Pop the Hood, and remove the lead going to your Hood Pin, Open your fuse box, If your car is in garage open door or have your car outside. With no one around the car motor area, Remote start the car. After the car runs a few minutes or as long as you had the car running the other day, Shut it off by remote again. Same as you did the other day.

Let the car rest for 10 to 15 Min, This would be enough time for the Computers to go back to sleep, At this time use a DMM and test your fuses at each fuse. This is a way of doing a draw test without having to put your meter inline with your system..., Take your DMM, touch lead on each side of each fuse, Maybe need to set it for lower volts then 20 like 2V... If your DMM is auto ranging then no issue...

First before testing starts and so you know this works, Please open hood, and leave door on your car open, Test the Fuse for the Interior lights over the 2 pins on the fuse, You will see a good amount of voltage, Then close door, when lights are off, test again and that first reading will not be as high shouldn't be anything left there when all lights are out.... However you may have other things on that fuse so I am not sure what all is connected to your fuses...

Anyway back to the normal testing.... Again, After as stated above, Hood up, Car has been RS, and then off, Waited for 10 or 15 minutes, then I would test the fuses underhood starting with your Radio fuse, XM fuse (Maybe in side fuse box) Onstar Fuse, and really test all the fuses. It is hard to tell you what you should read, However I can tell you that power to your radio shouldn't have any voltage more then a few millamps for keeping stations and time.

After testing your Fuses, If you see any voltage over .010... Then you should test it under a normal start and see if the fuses that showed Voltage after a RS was still there under a normal start. Again this would be after running the car as long as you had it running while RS, ... Turn key off, remove key, lock doors as you would if you just got home for the day... Wait for the 10 to 15 min to let the computers go to sleep.... Then test the Fuses that showed draw after your RS testing....

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