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I am installing a 4 channel amp and 4 new front and rear speakers in my 2004 Impala LS. Mine came with the factory amplifier installed.

My questions are this:

Are the lines coming to the amp from the factory stereo high or low level? My amp has both speaker and RCA level inputs and one guy I talked to said that the wires coming from the stereo may not be high level like I originally assumed. Someone at Crutchfield told me to install my new amp to the wires coming from the factory amp. I'm not sure what to do here.

My second question:

Since there are two pairs of speakers in the front, the regular and the tweeters, does the factory receiver and amp send the full signal to both speakers or does it split the highs and lows up between the woofer and the tweeter? If I hook up my new amp to the lines coming from the receiver, will I get a full signal or is it going to be broken up like it has been sent through a crossover?
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