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I once lived in a small town and there was a car that looked just like a 1957 Chevy Bel Air but MUCH smaller. I now own a classic car restoration shop and have asked many people about this car. I have had one person tell me it is called the "phantom" 57 and it's origin is unknown. This person claims there are only three or four in existence. I recently went back to this small town only to find the car and the owner no longer reside there. Has anyone ever seen or heard of such a car? If so I would be interested in the history of it as well. Thanks in advance to any plausible answers I get.
There is "such a thing" as I have seen one with my own eyes. I am not saying GM made it, I am just saying it exists and I want to know what it is, a kit car, a proto-type or what.
I searched for Vauxhall classics, nothing there. This car looked EXACTLY like a 57 bel air with the silver inset on the rear fenders and everything. It was just smaller in every aspect, height, width, and length. This may have been a one-off custom. I truly don't know, just thought I would throw the question out there. At the time, I just never asked the owner about it and when I went back to look at the car and talk with the owner both were gone.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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