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Due to the cost of renting Texas Motor Speedway for the car show and road course racing on saturday, drag racing at ImpalaFest has been pushed to the back burner. Naturally TMS is a HUGE draw for the event, so it is understandable.

However, I have worked out a way were we can include drag racing friday night, but it conflicts with another scheduled event (the party bus to Joe T's restraunt.) I have spoken to the track manager at North Star Dragway (1/8th mile track in Denton, which is only 26.6 interstate highway miles away from the host hotel) about letting us run a program during their Friday Night Fun N Grudge. He remembers our racers at Texas Muscle Car Club Challenge races, and they would love to have us there.

I'm trying to find out if there is even enough interest in this for me to even worry about it. Some people just don't think there is enough interest to include drag racing at ImpalaFest anymore, and I would really like to get more feedback.

Are there enough drag racers here anymore that would be interested in racing friday night?

Coincidentally, the TMCCC is being held the following Sunday morning at North Star Dragway.

Please post your thoughts on this subject or feel free to email me personally.

Thank you,
Cheston Phillips
[email protected]
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