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hey everyone here's pictures of what's for sale
caprice chrome hub cap $10.00
impala ss tillights part ed off a 1996 impala ss $100.00
impala ss panel logos $10.00 pair
impala ss interior grey in color most complete $200 willing to sell separate
a pair of stock corner lenses off a 1994 impala ss $10.00
driver side heated mirror $40.00
impala ss rear view mirror $65.00
impala ss head lights $50.00
LT1/L99 5.7 & 4.3 delate plug $20.00
caprice tag frame $5.00
stock cd /radio $10.00
cluster bezel $5.00
sony cd player $100.00 NEW!!!
head lights "pair" $20.00
impala ss grill bowtie red/black $10.00
headlight switch caprice police package $15.00
trunk weather striping $5.00
NEW!!! GM uncutt keys i have two pairs asking $22.98
stock air intake box with filter 3 peace set $10.00
caprice police package trunk carpet in good shape $5.00
grey lower dash board $200.00 parted off the 1996 impala ss
chevy bowtie trunk lock/logo $36.00
caprice lettering $5.00 ea "new" and i have used
impala ss/caprice gas cap $1.00
windshield washer bottle w/o cap $5.00
tire jake $12.00
caprice grill stock $5.00
trunk lights parted off a 1995 impala ss $10.00 ea
impala lower door trim peaces black in color comes as 4 peace set $15.00

i have more stuff to post later on in the week pleases e-mail me at [email protected] don't send me a PM on here i'm not always on here pleases email me at the e-mail address [email protected]
for pictures just ask for them

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what is LT1/L99 5.7 & 4.3 delate plug $20.00

and i want the carpet ill be emailing u

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Did you guys email him? Thats what he asked at the bottom of the message.

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I am looking for the lower and upper dash for a 1995 impala ss. i believe the 1996 parts will fit as well. do you still have the available? if so can you send pictures and prices. Tytanyc1

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three and a half year old thread with the poster last being active nearly 3 years ago.

Point being, keep looking.
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