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Hello. I'm writing from Poland. I've bought Chevy Impala 2000y 3.4 V6.

I have two problems with my car.

1st problem with cooling:
- when I start driving my car on cool engine, the temperature very

fast reach too hot and cooling liquid is boiling.

I replaced thermostat and this problem still was the same. Next I

checked service book and I found information about fixing the heads in

the past. Then I bought new heads and gaskets and replaced them (and

many other stuff) . In the meantime I saw that old one gasket was very


OK, the engine was ready, it starts ok. I drove about 70miles and the

problem came back... Cool engine -> drive about 0,5 mile -> boiling

cooling liquid.

2nd problem is the transmission:
After this renovation of engine and drive this 70miles I've parked my

car. Next I've started the engine, take Drive on transmission and I

have only 1st gear! It is the same when I shift on 3 or 2 or 1. There

is only 1st gear. Also I have R. I've scanned car with computer and

there is no problems.

Please answer if you have similar problems and how to fix it. In

Poland and Europe it is very rare car. I have no opinions with

mechanics or forums about it. I would be very grateful for your help!
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