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Hello everyone,
New guy here, but have always came here for information about my impala.
Thanks for all the inputs and knowledge .

For the pass six months or so I have been experiencing hesitation , "bucking," struggling ONLY when going up hills.Its fine on a straight road. After researching on here some similar situations I came up with a couple of possible culprits- fuel pump, a hose from the fuel tank, and throttle body.I was getting worked done to my car ( not related to the hesitation) I went ahead and had the fuel pump replaced and the hose leading out of the fuel tank checked out fine so I left it alone. replacement of the fuel pump did not correct the hesitation, but did correct my fuel gauge issue. So not a complete fail on replacing the fuel pump. I figured its probably the TB and told my mechanic to leave it alone and that I will clean it or replace it myself. My mechanic advise me that cleaning the TB could have negative outcomes and to not clean it. Since I have always wanted to get the Throttle body bypass done I figured this was my chance to kill two birds with one stone right? ( heres a link to the TB bypass I used.) Throttle Body Bypass Procedure
The throttle body bypass went well one of the hoses was difficult to remove FYI. Now this is were I screwed shat up, I did the best I could cleaning the TB with TB cleaner. I felt I did a good job, but after driving around the hesitation and struggling was even worse and I could hear the TB sticking when accelerating up hills or on a straight road. FYI This is why you listen to your mechanic kids.
After coming on here and researching more about TB fixes I decided to not screw around get a new one along with Throttle position sensor and IAC valve, I figured since this is all bolt on stuff no mechanic would be needed so I went ahead and installed all myself.

After installing a brand new TB, TPS AND IAC VALVE my idle was high as soon I turned the key and went even higher when I hit the gas pedal and stayed high. I had to manually move the acceleration part on the TB to bring it some what back down. After reading reviews about TB I saw some reports of sticking from new TB, I assumed this is the case with my new TB? I went ahead and put my old TB but with the new sensors when I turned on the car this time the idle was high but not as high as it is with the new one. I went for a drive and its just messed up.Transmission takes forever to shift out of 1st and its rough when it does, u can still hear some sticking. Basically at a lost right now any information is greatly appreciated.
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