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I would paint this thing black and white and have some fun

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Just need to paint the doors and roof, plus maybe get one of those single magnetic red/blue strobe lights for the roof.

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I dunno. You might be asking for more attention than you want, unless that's your thing...:biggrin:
Paint yes, but I would go with the newer light bars that go just under the top of your front and rear windows inside the car. I like the look of them better and they can now seal the units where the driver does not get blinded from the flashing strobes. I also like the fact that with those type of light bars you can make the car practically invisable. I have noticed in the last 5 years it is getting harder to see police cars a mile away with the fact that the newer light bars do not give the car away as the old one use to.
Sorry I cannot open that link at work. I wonder what the new "Kojack" single magnetic lights look like today. I remember riding w/ my Pops and he used to quickly pop up the "Kojack" and we were off... that was the fun old days. I do agree w/ 77Impala, the sleek newer top mount lights are neat and aero-like, hard to spot.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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