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i need to know about all the original stuff it had when it first came out. if you have pictures or articles please let me know. i also need to know original pricing and how much they go for now.

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Body Styles:

The 1956 Chevrolet Bel-Air was offered in 7 body styles (original base prices in parenthesis): Nomad ($2,608), Beauville wagon ($2,482), convertible ($2,344), Sport Sedan ($2,230), Sport Coupe ($2,176), four door sedan ($2,068), and two-door sedan ($2,025).


Value today is completely dependent on body style, condition, options, and color. A basket-case 4-door sedan would be worth barely $1,000, while a flawlessly restored convertible with all the desirable options and color schemes could fetch upwards of $100,000. In January, 2006, a '56 Bel-Air convertible sold at auction (Barrett-Jackson) for $106,920. (

Generally, the most valuable bodystyles are the Nomad, Sport Coupe, and convertible.


Engine choices for all included a 235.5 cubic inch straight six that produced 140 SAE Gross HP; and a 265 cubic inch small block V8 available in various outputs: 162hp, 170hp, 205hp, & 225hp.

Standard and Optional features for 1956 (partial list):

3-speed manual column-shift transmission (standard)
Powerglide 2-speed automatic
Wire wheel covers
Bumper guards
4-barrel carburetor
Dual 4-barrel carburetors
Dual exhaust
V-8 engine
Padded dashboard
Tissue dispensor
Whitewall tires
Door edge guards
Door handle shields
Backup lights
Twin side mirrors
Tinted glass
Wonderbar radio
Electric clock
Emergency brake warning light
Day/night mirror
Windshield washers
Electric-motor winshield wipers

Available colors:

Onyx Black
Pinecrest Green
Sherwood Green
Nassau Blue
Harbor Blue
Dusk Plum
India Ivory
Matador Red
Twilight Turquoise
Crocus Yellow


Weight ranged from 3,140 for the two-door sedan up to 3,370 for the Beauville wagon.

Length (except wagons) was 195.6 inches
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