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the engine casting number to the left of the distributor is 3921968
GM that the original engine on the car(64 biscayn).....also what type of engine is it i know its a 6 cylinder but is it a 230?or a 250????can anybody help me out??????????

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3921968 is the exact casting # on my engine, thats how i found this forum!
i was serching online to find out what year engine i had in my 63 biscayne because i needed a crank pulley and every auto parts i went to said that they could not get it and that i would have to go to a junk yard!
so i typed in my casting # in a search engine and found this forum!
and i also found out that my engine was a 64-67? but i know 64 for shure. i was able to get the pulley the next day!
lucky for me the guy that i bought it from replaced the motor!
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