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...i start it up? i have a 1987 chevy caprice and whenever i start it up the engine idles high in order for me to make it quiet down a bit i press down on the gas pedal and its still a lil noise but after its fully warmed up and push down on it again it the noise goes more quieter? it says in the manual if the engine runs for a long time 5 minutes or more without pushing the accelerator pedal down. overheating could cause damage to the engine and exhaust system

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If your car was TBI or TPI then the computer would kick the idle down, but sense it is a rare carburetor model then you need to kick out the choke as the engine warms up. Your car is running normally. You will also notice that as the outside temp is colder that the engine runs longer at high idel, and as the outside temp is warmer that it will not need as much time to stop the high idle.
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