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Summit Racing has a couple of nitrous kits for the 3.4 and the 3.8 for $575 and 600$. Its is supposed to be a complete kit and gives between 75-100hp. Most of the members probably knows Summit Racing. The are pretty reputable and can even help with technical questions when you are ordering if you call them. You are going to need a performance shop to install it for you. I doubt most simple garages will be willing to put them on. The problem with nitrous though is that the tanks have to be refilled. You need to know where this can be done around where you live. Otherwise headers, exhaust, and a cold air intake kit or hi-flow K&N air filter will give you about 10% more hp permanently and you would only have to clean the filter when dirty.

Installation of the permanent parts (exhaust, headers,...) will take AT LEAST 2 hours. Nitrous kit might be more with testing/tuning. At about 65$/hour. The headers/exhaust/cold-air (or air filter swap) can be done by any decent local mechanic.

Here is the link to Summit. It should be listed from most $$$ to least $|1&rsview=sku

Other members feel free to correct me.
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