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After I Replaced/ Computer/Starter/Ignition Control Sensor/Spark Plugs/Fuel Filter/ Ignition Wires Set/ Battery
Still Won't Start.... Well To Be Honest With Yall I Did Run
For One Week But It Die on me several times but still start until the last time i drove crossing the rail road tracks it just died completely and after then i replaced the ignition wires
after 5 or 8 times that i tried to start it .. It Blow Out The Muffler When I Try To Start It You Can Only Smell Fuel But Dont Start ... It Spark Of Course But Won't Start ................

Someone Please Help Help Help Please
I Spent Over $500 Dollars Just On Parts.. i Also Checked The Fuel Pressure By The Ignition Wires connection And It
Shows Alot Pressure Took One Spark Plug Out And Came out With Some Oil What Is It ? Help Please Thanks
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