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I would check the wiring harness that attaches to the alternator. Have someone watch the light and wiggle the wiring harness to see when the light goes off. The belt may have slapped the harness and caused the wire from the light to the alternator to short out.

Don't run this engine very long because if the wire is shorted to the body of the car it can (in most cases do) put the alternator (if it is working) in to running at high output which will destroy your battery, new alternator, and put wear and tear on the rest of the electrical system.

The 72 was the last year with the seperate voltage regulator. The light bulb gets its power from the Pink wire and ground to the regulator through a Brown wire to the voltage regulator. You may need to pull the brown wire off and see if that kills the light, if so then if you have not done it with the alternator then replace the voltage regulator. These should always be changed at the same time with the alternator.

If you need more help please send an email or PM.
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