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According to the parts manual (Parts Manual for 2006-2012 Impala - Chevy Impala Forums), you can't even buy them separately - you have to buy the whole big, long woodgrain piece that they are in (which is like $350/$400 new!).

Best bet would be to find a used one and just replace the entire piece or try to remove them from that used piece and put them into yours.

Were you able to easily remove/reinstall the vent mechanisms on yours - I've never really heard if you can or cannot remove/install the vents individually...

BTW - can a mod please sticky the post with the parts manual? It seems most people never even see the post - would be helpful if it were stickied.

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Yeah it was easy just have to be carful and take your time. Just the last one got stuck and I tried to pop or on place and the clip broke. It sucks I don't want to buy a whole new dash. I just want to little plastic piece lol. I'll look around. Thank you.
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