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I recently purchased an HPTuner device and I really find the application and the number if items that you can tune fascinating! I just wanted to show you guys some screenshots from within the HPTuner Editor software from my 2012 3.6L V6/6-Speed combo. These are all stock tune values. There are thousands of different configuration items...

This first screenshot is just an overview of the different "sections" that you can tune:

Here is an screenshot of some (just a few) of the transmission shift values. Basically, these tables show when the transmission shifts, depending on the current speed and throttle position:

And here are some screenshots of all of the different transmission values that can be changed. Each "button" opens a table like the tables shown in the above picture. It's absolutely amazing how many different parameters there are for the transmission alone and just home complex the tuning is:

Just thought that I'd share as I find it all very interesting...
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