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:cool:Hey everybody.

My name's Alain and I'm purchasing a '94 Caprice 9c1 from a buddy who's selling his for $1000. I figure that's a pretty good deal regardless of what shape the car is in.

I've got some plans for the beast, not the least of which are Basic performance upgrades. I aim to squeeze out an additional 15-20 horses through installing modified exhaust and intake systems, stiffer springs, and maybe a chip + weight savings.

On the appearance side of things, my plans include repairing the bodywork, then painting the car black, tinting the windows and tail lights, removing all the badges and replacing them with red SS badging. I found a pretty nice clean aluminum billet grille, and I think I'd like to ditch the police-spec rims in favor of some nice 19" 5 spoke rims. Black ones with Chrome rings. And of course, I would finish it all off by painting my calipers red.

Hopefully once I'm done, I'll have a fast, clean, mean ride !

Anyway, I look forward to using this forum as a learning tool for what can be accomplished with my new acquisition!


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Hello and welcome to the community.

On the "chip" I would recommend a full PCM retuning instead. The "chip" is usualy a resister that trys to fool the PCM.

On the rebadging be sure not to try to sell it latter as an "SS" for you could get into big trouble. If you do sell it latter let the buyer know that it is a "SS Clone" not a true SS.

Have fun with your car.
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