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Hey, everyone -

I just got an invitation to join via myspace, and figured what the heck. I'm glad to be on the board, and look forward to lots of great conversations regarding these wonderful vehicles.

As you can see thanks to my avatar, I'm the exceedingly grateful owner of a 1994 Caprice Classic LT1 wagon. This is my first, twice over - my first vehicle, and my first CC wagon. A hell of a beginning, I must say. I found him on craigslist, tucked away in rural Ohio - sitting in an overgrown weed lot. A tune-up and cleaning later (which included the removal of a chipmunk nest from the air filter), my honey runs like a top, and makes me really, really happy. I love this wagon, and plan on keeping him running for many years to come. And yes - I consider this a highly masculine machine - so much so that I use pipe tobacco as my air freshener of choice. Hot diggity.

Thanks for offering this forum - let's get started!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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