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Hey all I have pictures and Intel for you all on how to get that taxi/police feel to your Impala.

They best part's pretty damn easy!

Step one: be prepared, you need:
2- thin, strong pieces of metal such as long stalk Allen keys/wrenches. (1-2mm thick)
1- set of sockets, from 21-10mm 10mm deep-socket and some extension are helpful, wrenched could be used if you are a gluten for punishment.
1- prying tool
1-bearing puller

Step one.5 : disconnect the (-) side of the battery.

Step two (optional): { if you are bringing a steering wheel and airbag from the other vehicle you can skip this step. } Remove airbag; using the two long thing rods (1-2mm) there is a small hole on each side of the steering wheel about 1/2 way down on each side. There is a trick to getting this to work. Once you insert the rod, you want to feel arround untill you find a spot that feels like it has some give.
On each side you can push firmly and the airbag should almost pop out. You can disconnect the two tabs that will place with a tab. Using the pry tool you should be able pop them off easily.

Once the airbag is off you can access the nut to remove the wheel I belive it's an 18mm or a 21mm (somone help me) before it's completely removed you will want to attach the bearing puller to pull the wheel off the drive shaft.

Step three: remove the steering shaft. There will be some pop tabs to remove under the steering wheel called by a metal cover held on by 2-3 10mm bolts. Once the cover is off you will have access to 4- 10mm nuts that hold the Collum in place. Don't fully remove these.. trust me you'll be putting them back on wishing you listened.

Once the Collumn is loose you can invert yourself and reach under the dash by the footwell and locate the u-joint. I belive this was a 13mm(15mm maybe) nut if I can remember correctly.
Once this is removed you can pull out the bolt. You can now remove the 4 nuts, and pull out the Collumn.

Step four: Removing the shifter cable, under the good there is a cable comming from the middle of the firewall, over the air intake and attached the transmission shift lever. This is easy enough to pry off and can be detached into 2 pieces. (There is a disconnect in the middle of the cable and will be 1 of 2 types, one using locking tab, the other. Using a one way locking crimping connector, if this one you will have to pry the metal open enough to pull the pieces apart. The cable runs through the firewall and comes out inside the cab of the car to the right of the stereo, by the feet of the passenger side.

Once you have disconnected the shift cable it's time to remove the center console. There are 4 bolts inside the arm rest container under the rubber mat at the bottom. One the screws are out you can either rip it out of pop the trim off arround the handle first. With come prying and some neutual shifting it will come out. A couple.more bolts along the bottom and the shifter will pull right out.

Just reverse the order and run the new shift cable and you are good to go!

Pictures later.
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