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I've had intermittent ABS problems on my Impala. I replaced the front ABS harnesses and that cleared up a vast majority of the problems. However, the light comes on every now and then, so I replaced the rear harness.
Tools you need:
ABS harness (Standard Motor Products #ALH73 )
Wire Cutters
Flathead screwdriver
Jack and Jackstands (I wasn't going to shrink to get under my car:))

Thankfully the engineers were thinking here and the harness is plug and play; no soldering needed.
First, unplug the harness from the main block and the hubs. There is a little clip that holds the harness in place on the frame stiffener; unclip that with the flathead:

This same clip is on the new harness, so if yours is bad you can use the new one. My factory one was good so I cut the new off the harness.
The harness is routed over the lateral link arms from the factory. It is impossible to get out in one piece as the clips that hold the harness to the lateral link arms get in the way:
Rust Pipe Fuel line Auto part Metal

What I did was cut the harness right where it split so I had the left and right wire and just pulled them out towards the wheels.
Next there is a grommet that protects the harness as it goes through the frame stiffener. I wanted to reuse this. So I pulled the rest of the harness out, the grommet comes with it, and cut the grommet off of the harness. Then I cut one side of the grommet in half so it fits over the new harness:
Auto part

Now route the new harness under the link arms to the hubs, snapping the clips in place as you go. The harness only fits one way and it'll be obvious because the clips won't reach if you have it wrong:
Auto part Suspension Coil spring Suspension part Fuel line

Then connect the harness to the respective components. The rubber grommet will go in place with some coaxing;
Pipe Fuel line Auto part Metal

Auto part Suspension part Pipe Suspension Coil spring

You're all set! Enjoy your ABS lights that are off
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