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I have started to change out the interior bulbs with LEDs. I also replaced the reverse lights as well. I bought Sylvania LED bulbs, all in stock at AutoZone. Walmart carries some of the bulbs we need, but the parts stores have more. I decided that I didn't want to buy cheap Ebay bulbs this go around since I did that for the Grand Prix. I would have ordered online but instant gratification came into play here. What I did so far was the footwell bulbs, the 3 dome light bulbs, and the reverse lights. I will eventually tackle the map lights in the rear view mirror, but those will have to be ordered and I will do those when it is warmer out. Those will definitely try my patience so they will wait until the weather is nicer. This is all for my 2014 LTZ Limited.

Here is the parts list...

Foot well or floorboard - 194 - 2 needed, 1 for each side
Dome light - 578 - 3 needed
Reverse lights - 921 - 2 needed, 1 for each side

Let's start with the floor board. The bulbs twist into place on the plastic covers on either side of the car under the dash. Each plastic cover is held in place with 3 plastic push pins and retainers. On the passenger side, remove all 3 clips and let the panel come down. Twist the bulb socket out and then pull the bulb from the socket. Put the new LED bulb in. What? It doesn't work? Pull the LED out and flip it and try again. LEDs are polarity sensitive so they have to be installed right or they won't light up. Twist the bulb socket back into the plastic panel and secure the panel back into place under the dash. Move to the driver side and do the same thing. On the driver side, I was able to remove 2 of the 3 push pins and get my hand in there to pull the bulb and socket out.

Now for the dome light. I debated trying to remove the plastic lens first but it didn't look feasible. So I You Tubed it... what can you not find on You Tube these days? You need to gently pull the dome light assembly from one side and free it from the headliner. The other side will slide out once you have the one side free. Be gentle... don't get pissed off at me if you break your dome light. GM should have made the clear lens removable and left the casing intact to the headliner but oh well, they didn't, so we need to be careful and not damage the dome light. The lens will seperate from the housing. You can unplug the harness to the dome light if you want more space and comfort to work. Remove the old bulbs and pop your LEDs in place. Before you reinstall the lens back on the housing and put the dome light back into the headliner, test the bulbs and make sure they work. Remember the polarity thing? Yep, it would suck to have to pull it apart again because we didn't check our work prior to buttoning it all back up. Be mindful of the map light buttons. If they fall out, make sure they are lined up right and in place before you snap the lens back into place. Put the dome light assembly back in place, starting with the end that is fixed. Once you have that in, gently push on the plastic piece on the opposite side and the assembly will snap back into place on the headliner... Done!

Reverse lights... We need to remove the tail lights to access the bulbs. If you need the replace any other bulbs back here, now is the time. Open the trunk and look at either side. There are 3 black knobs that will need to be unscrewed to remove the tail lights. 1 knob is visible, the other 2 are hidden behind the grey panels... pull the panel away enough to get your hand in there and unscrew the other 2 knobs. Gently rock the tail light and it will slide out and away from the body. The reverse light bulb socket will twist out of the housing and the bulb just pops out of the socket. Pop your new LED in place and check your work before reassembly. You can do this a couple of ways. You can stand at the back of the car while someone gets in the car and starts it up and puts it in reverse. Make sure you trust this individual. Option number 2 is if you are doing this as it gets darker, the reverse lights should flash when you unlock the car with the key fob. Put it all back together and you are done. Enjoy your LEDs! Hope this write up helps.
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