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i want to know how to install a cd player,speakers,and subs in a 77 impala
this would be my first time installing any thing like this im thinking about taking it to a pro.
but to me they charge to much

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I to own a 77 Impala, matter of fact I sent you pictures of my cars CD and seats.
Here is what I did;
1. Remove the Radio/Climate control Bezel. Before proceeding carefully mark and cut out the Radio Bezel to allow the CD Radio frame to slide in and attach it to the bezel. If the car had a CD before this should already be done. I used a dremel tool to cut mine, and as you saw in the picture it came out real good. Just be patient. Also reinforce the Bezel with a product Plastic Welding System from Vars Chem you can get at your local auto parts store. Mix and spread that on the back of the Bezel and be sure to avoid the radio mount and opening for the Climate Controls.
2. Remove the Ashtray and Bracket
3. With a volt meter test the wiring harness from the car, one wire mine was yellow will be hot with the ignition switch this will go to the Radio Main Power wire (Red).
4. Run a new wire from the fuse panel from a slot that is hot at all times and attach a inline fuse to the spot, use a 1 amp fuse, this now hooks to the Radio backup power for the clock and preset memory.
5. Make sure you have a ground wire big enough to handle the radio power.
6. If the speaker wiring (for all 4 speakers) exist then trace out which ones go where. Mark them to tell you which is hot and ground for each. Example is like RF+ (Right Front Positive and RF – (Right Front Negative). If rear speaker wires are not there then run new ones. I ran mine from the right speaker to with the left side and down the back of the back seat and along the rocker covers to up the left side kick panel and under the dash over the steering wheel and over to the radio area. On the front you may have to remove the top dash panel (screws are along the edge of where the top meet the from edge where you dash vents are) and run new speaker wires from each side to the radio, drop the wires to the right side of the Climate control system and then to the radio.
7. If your new Radio has an automatic display dimmer control then find the wire that become hot when you turn on the parking lamps. Mark it as the Dimmer line.
8. Now you can solder the wiring or use what is called Butt Splices, or even better buy a multi-connection plug from Radio Shack that will help when you need to pull the unit for repairs or modifications. Your new radio may have connectors in the box already.
9. Follow the instructions on the radio to put all the wiring connections together.
10. Remount the Radio Bezel and you are now ready to put the radio in and if the speakers are in to turn it on and enjoy.

Need any more help please feel free to send a PM and I will be glad to assist.

Put one in mine when I was told it could never be done by two professional car audio places
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