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Decided to change out my cabin air filter today. I bought a Fram Fresh Breeze at Walmart, part number CF8392A, about $17. This is for a 2014 LTZ Limited, hopefully the process is the same for the model year range. I will attach a copy of the instructions included with the replacement filter. I will not be held responsible if you damage your car by attempting this DIY. It is a straight forward process but if you aren't sure of what to do, get the help of someone that does. Here we go...

1) Turn the key to the ON position and turn the windshield wipers on. Turn the key off so when the wipers are at the top of the stroke, pointed straight up. This is necessary to get at the cowl and remove it to access the filter.

2) Open the hood and look at the passenger side cowl area, where the passenger side wiper would sit parked. This is where the filter is, underneath the cowl. The cowl is 2 pieces. Look at the left corner near the windshield and look at the middle near the windshield. There are 2 plastic push pins that need to get pulled along with their retainers. Once you pull them you can gently lift the cowl out of the way. Don't pull too far... the wiper fluid tubing is attached to cowl. Pull the section of tubing off the end where it curves and leave the rest attached. This will give you enough room to move the cowl out of the way to work. Before you can remove the cowl, pull the weatherstripping away and let it hang out of the way.

3) Underneath the cowl is another plastic tray. This needs to be removed by simply pushing it forward towards the windshield and pulling it away. you will see the 3 slots at the top that clip it in place. Once you remove this tray, the cabin filter will be staring right at you.

4) Pull the filter out of the tray by the pull tab attached to it and put your new one in place the exact same way, making sure the pull tab is facing out so that you can access it for future changes... Yes you will need to change this again in the future. Stare at the nasty old filter for a minute then chuck it in the trash. Now let's put this back together and call it a day...

5) Once the new filter is in place, put the plastic drip tray back in. The 3 slots at the top sit at the base of the windshield and the other end sits at the cowl. Do not forget to put this tray back in or lose it... you will have water leaks on the passenger side of the car if you do.

6) Put the cowl cover back on, remembering to secure the washer fluid tube back into the slot underneath it. Attach the push pins back into place and put the weatherstripping back on, and that's it. Close the hood and then turn the car to the ON position and shut your wipers off.

I hope this helps and gives someone the encouragement to do some maintenance on their car and not have to pay someone to do it. Attached is a copy of the instructions that came with Fram filter I bought.

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