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I know there is a coule thousand posts one here asking how much it would cost to paint a car.
I am purchasing a 68' impala that I am looking to restore, so eventually(obvisouly) it is going to need a good paint job.

I am going to be remvoing all of the chrome and badges and masking off everything i can in order to still drive to the paint shop safely, and more than likely mask the rest off when i get there. I also will be sanding the remants of the old paint off and putting POR 15 on and primer. So if all the paint shop had to do was paint. No body work, masking, or anything. How much would it cost to paint my big impala black (with clear coat) im not looking for what would be the cheapest cause i know i would get crap if the paint job cost me $500.00

thank you

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First of all don't use POR15 as a base for a paint job. Use a DA and take it to bare metal then either use an epoxy primer and bondo it or bondo on the bare metal. When your done you want to seal it with a good primer and then paint the base coat on and then clear it.
Price depends on how much work you want to put into it and how good you want it to be when finished. My impala was painted 14 yrs ago and it cost me over $3000, paint was $500/gallon and I know it has gone up. Color sanding and wet sanding and buffing is not cheap or easy work.
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