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My muffler has a hole and my car sometimes backfires.

I was making a left turn at the light and my car just shut down and its most likely due to the hole in the muffler.

Pretty dangerous situation for me so i need to a new muffler so the air flow is even and i need my carb adjusted so i have it running smoothly as possible..

Its already 110 degrees here.

Any idea how much it is to replace it?
Also i changed the o2 sensor, spark plugs, fuel filter. I got plug wires but i didnt install them yet.

Could it be that if i change the muffler, then all oi need is adjustments to the carb to make it run good?

I mean the car seriously has only 77,000 original miles.

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At Midas about 3 years ago I had one installed for about $110.00. Might be a little more now.

Now as George Bates Automotive said get the carb adjusted. It is running to lean.
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