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You should have absolutely no problem going to 200k. I would faithfully perform transmission fluid service at 15k mile intervals. Unscrew the 11mm drain plug and refill with 5qt of Dexron VI. Only takes five minutes to do this. There is no serviceable filter to change (outside of removing the entire transmission).

Obviously change the oil. I would do 3k mile intervals with 100% synthetic 5W-30 and use ACDelco UPF64 oil filter (or Champ PH10063XL $5 filter as it’s the same as the UPF64…). Your goal is to keep the timing chain system clean along with the VVT solenoids.

Consider having your valves cleaned as that motor is direct-injection. At 100k miles I guarantee they are nasty. It is very very easy to pull the intake off and look at the valves. I would have it walnut blasted as the chemical cleaners don’t work that well.


After cleaning (walnut blasted):
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