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I use quality oil and do my own oil change but the low oil level light is on more than off. Now I have had trouble starting the car. I was told that the sensor will cut the fuel pump off. Is it as easy to change as doing an oil change?

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The oil level sensor is on the driver side of the oil pan. Once you drain the oil, Disconnect the sensor wires( a small flat head will be useful to pull up on the tab to remove the sensor wire connector) then take whatever large wrench you prefer and unscrew the sensor (the sensor itself is attached to the large plastic nut you will be unscrewing) once you are done unscrewing it use caution and make sure you center the sensor as you slowly slide it back and out the oil pan, make sure the o ring/washer comes out, if not just use the small flat head screw driver and pop it out as new sensor will already have one.

Now reverse to install and dont forget the oil:)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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