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I am not sure just how to move them. Are the tabs supposed to both be at the same marker? The right headlight is high now, but it looks like the tabs are even. I'm not sure exactly what to do here. Thanks, Gary

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The vehicle has a visual optical headlamp aiming system. The aim has been preset at the factory and should need no further adjustment

However, If the vehicle is damaged in an accident, the headlamp aim may be affected and adjustment may be necessary.

The vehicle should be properly prepared as follows:

• The vehicle should be placed so the headlamps are 7.6 m (25 ft) from a light colored wall or other flat surface.

• The vehicle must have all four tires on a perfectly level surface which is level all the way to the wall or other flat surface.

• The vehicle should be placed so it is perpendicular to the wall or other flat surface.

• The vehicle should not have any snow, ice or mud on it.

• The vehicle should be fully assembled and all other work stopped while headlamp aiming is being done.

• The vehicle should be normally loaded with a full tank of fuel and one person or 75 kg(160 lbs) on the driver seat.

• Tires should be properly inflated.

Headlamp aiming is done with the vehicle's low-beam headlamps. The high-beam headlamps will be correctly aimed if the low-beam headlamps are aimed properly.

The vertical headlamp aiming screws are located under the hood near the headlamps.

The adjustment screw can be turned with a 6 mm male hex.

To adjust the vertical aim on the headlamps, do the following:

Find the aim dot on the lens of the low-beam lamp.
Measure the distance from the ground to the aim dot on the lamp. Record the distance.
At the wall or other flat surface, measure from the ground upward the recorded distance from Step 2 and draw or tape a horizontal line the width of the vehicle.
Notice: Do not cover a headlamp to improve beam cut-off when aiming. Covering a headlamp may cause excessive heat build-up which may cause damage to the headlamp.

Turn on the low-beam headlamps and place a piece of cardboard or equivalent in front of the headlamp not being aimed. This should allow only the beam of light from the headlamp being aimed to be seen on the flat surface.

Turn the vertical aiming screw until the headlamp beam is aimed to the horizontal tape line. The top edge of the cut-off should be positioned at the bottom edge of the horizontal tape line.
Repeat Steps 4 and 5 for the opposite headlamp.
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