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how do i replace my egr valve on my 2000 chevy impala?

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i bought the egr valve that i needed and i know how to replace it but then i don't. there are the three bolts, 2 facing the windshield and 1 in closer to the windshield facing the other way and right below that is a tube that goes into the egr but i cant seem to get that bolt loose i tried my hardest and it wouldn't break free and i dont want to try any harder cause i dont want to break it. so can somebody tell me what i need to do, this is really stressing me out. do i remove the two bolts that are holding it in first or what? and how do i remove the tube? thanks
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They are kind of a prick to change. You may end up destroying that that tube if you aren't patient and/or have torches to heat it up.

You want to try and get the tube off before you take the bolts out holding the EGR on the intake, so you have some resistance to help you turn the tube out.
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